Book Overview

Most of us settle. We live average, safe, mediocre lives. But does that kind of living reflect what God has called us to? The abundant life that Jesus promised his followers is nothing less than amazing when we realize that God is working in us so that we may “be conformed to the image of his Son” (Romans 8:29). Jesus did not live an ordinary life, and nor should we!

Walk on Water invites believers to rise above the norm. This daily devotional takes a fresh look at the Word of God. Be inspired by the lives of Esther, Daniel, Jonah, and others. Be challenged with Jesus’ no-nonsense conversations with the Pharisees and the disciples. Be emboldened through the honest emotions that pour from the hearts of the writers of the Psalms.

In addition to daily devotionals, twelve true stories (experienced by Deb herself) are added at the end of each month to encourage and humor the soul.

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