About the Book

Remember the story about Jesus walking on water? The disciples saw Jesus coming toward them walking on the lake! They were terrified! They thought he was a ghost and cried out in fear. But Jesus calms them down and tells them not to be afraid. Peter then boldly asks, “Can I join you?” And surprisingly enough, Jesus invites him to come. So Peter jumps out of the boat and commences to walk on water! Then he looks around and sees the powerful wind . . . and starts to sink . . . and yells for help. Jesus grabs his hand, and they climb in the boat.

Good for Peter! Good for him for taking a chance, for jumping into the unknown, for wanting to join Jesus at that moment. Even though he faltered, at least he had a story to tell! What if . . . what if we got out of our boat occasionally? Frankly, I think God wants us to walk on water sometimes.

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