TRUE STORY: Thank You for Your Service

I was running late to a meeting recently (meaning I only had 20 minutes to spare instead of the usual 30 minutes).  My “late” is most people’s “early.” 😬 Anyway, I didn’t have time to fix my normal bacon and eggs breakfast, so I decided to pop in at the McDonalds around the corner and splurge with one breakfast burrito—sausage, egg, and cheese wrapped in a soft-shell tortilla. I brought my own coffee from home: freshly ground beans, freshly brewed coffee, with 5 tiny spoons of Stevia (to avoid sugar and carbs), 2 tablespoons of regular Half and Half, (did you know that the Fat Free actually has more carbs? 😮) poured it into my nifty 16-ounce Starbucks mug that I have been using for at least 15 years now.

No. I’m not anal retentive. 😏 I’m a coffee snob and like things done a certain way. Regarding the carbs—counting them is the best way for me to stay 10 pounds overweight. 😬

Anyway . . . the drive-thru line at the McDonalds was long (as usual). So, I parked and walked in the dining room. I stopped as soon as the door closed because there were approximately 12 customers just standing around—not at the counter, but not sitting either, and they all looked at me. A man next to me said, “Go ahead. She can take your order,” and pointed to the lone employee working the cashier.

“You all are not in line?” I said to everyone.

“No.” They all chimed.

“You’ve already ordered?”

“Yes.” They all chimed.

“You’re all waiting on your orders?”

“Yes.” They all chimed. And I think they all rolled their eyes, too. 🙄

“What?” I said to everyone and no one. “This is McDonalds! This is supposed to be fast food!”

The man next to me laughed and said, “Fast food? No. That was back in the 70’s. There’s no fast food here.”

“Well, I don’t have time for this,” I announced and promptly left the restaurant.

I got back in my car and then had to hurry (speed) to make my appointment. Of course, I arrived early (with only 10 minutes to spare) and saw another McDonalds.  No one was in line, so I drove through the drive-thru, ordered, received my burrito, and as I paid the woman working the window, she said, “Have a blessed day.”

I smiled and said, “Thank you for your service.”

Thank you for your service? 🤔 Isn’t that line supposed to be reserved for the military, the policemen, the first responders? But I find myself really grateful for anyone working a job these days. I am particularly thankful for people at hair salons and the servers at restaurants. I find myself tipping them way more than the traditional 20%.

In the past few years my sisters have taught me to leave a generous tip for the maids in hotels. I confess that I never really thought about it before. But now it’s second nature.  To be thankful. For everyone working hard at their jobs.

Of course, I will always be especially grateful for those who risk their lives by working their jobs. I will continue to thank them for their service.  They are at the top of my list. These days, however, my list has grown much longer.

Just in case you’re wondering, I arrived at my meeting 5 minutes early. The woman I was meeting arrived at 9:30, right on time. I did not chide her for being late.  😉


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  1. I liked your story and especially relate to the importance and required quality of your coffee! This prompts me to reconsider those who depend on tips to make ends meet.


  2. I agree with your sentiments! I have breakfast every Friday morning with church friends. While we were in lockdown, I calculated what our regular server’s tips would have been for those many months, and gave her what turned out to be well over $100 when we resumed our gathering. Talk about gratitude! She was soooo very thankful!

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